Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Refresh Your Marketing Strategy With Tins

Marketing and tins, now there's a combination you don't hear of every day. Usually, if we think of tins, we think of those things that store our food and sit tucked away in our cupboards. The last think most of us will think of is a novel marketing strategy. Nonetheless, a novel marketing strategy is just what you can achieve with tins if you know how to use them. You're looking confused right? Don't worry, that's perfectly natural. Read on, and that confusion may turn into wonder.

So, what on Earth do tins have in common with marketing?

Well, before we start, let's clear one thing up. We are not talking about your tin of peas in your cupboard. Giving that to a potential customer with a verbal note of 'buy our products' is just absurd, unless you're in the business of selling peas, of course. Instead, we're talking about how you can create personalised tins and use them as a great marketing tool. There are a few tin wholesalers out there who can customise both the shape and design of their tins for you to use. You can bulk order these tins and use them for marketing.

Why bother with tins?

Now, you may be thinking why you should use tins instead of your more conventional marketing methods, such as flyers or brochures. To highlight why you should bother with tins, think about what you want your marketing to do. Ultimately, you want it to leave an impression, make an impact, and hopefully make a few sales for your business.

Conventional marketing is a risky game. In this extremely competitive business world, everybody is ramming flyers and brochures down the throats of the public. The end result is your average man on the street ending up with a handful of marketing material that all looks similar. What do you think they do with all these flyers? Well, in case you are in the dark, most of them will chuck them in the bin without even reading them. That's just a hard truth that needs to be acknowledged.

So, why tins?

Because tins are a completely different form of marketing. They provide a nice, refreshing change to the man on the street when they are bombarded with flyers and brochures. If you are walking down the street and ten people hand you a flyer, and one hands you a neat little mint tin, what is going to grab your attention?

That's right, the tin will. Why? Because it stands out from all of that background marketing noise. It's novel, it's different, and it's actually useful to the average Joe. At the end of the day, who doesn't love a free tin of mints?

A tin is also much less likely to make it to the bin before it is read, unlike your flyer or brochure. Instead, every time it's taken out of a pocket for another mint (or whatever else), there your company logo and contact details will be, seeping in to the mind of your potential future customers. Plus, a tin of mints can last a little while, and the tin can be re-used, so the window of opportunity of your business being noticed is much greater. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to acknowledge that fact.

There you have it, a novel way of refreshing your marketing strategy by using personalised tins. You can use the tins for anything, not just mints, so be creative. Oh, and if you need somewhere to order a load of custom tins for your business, then head over to Tinware Direct. They will customise the shape and design of your tin and they always offer great prices.

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